What Are the Benefits of Buying Industrial Real Estate?

What Are the Benefits of Buying Industrial Real Estate?

The industrial subsector in the market for commercial property offers numerous appealing benefits, making it an excellent place to invest in financial assets. Furthermore, it is a commercial property used primarily for industrial purposes and classified as industrial property (warehousing, manufacturing, storage, logistics, showrooms, etc. ).

Appreciating Investment

Even though all investments contain a degree of risk, industrial real estate listings for Fredericton investments are more steady than other forms of investments. Here are things to consider as we examine this outcome.

Consistent and Predictable Cash Flow

In most industrial real estate transactions, a single-tenant lease arrangement is common, except for flex industrial properties, which are typically multi-tenant. Leases can run until 20 years or more, and there are several ways to extend them. Furthermore, an annual rent increase is usually a part of the contract. An investor’s cash flow is more steady and predictable when leases with a long term have yearly rent rises.

Inactive Investing

Triple-net, also known as double-net (NNN) leases, have become the most prevalent in industrial real estate, which signifies that the tenant has no involvement in the management of the premises. Except for structural elements such as roofing, the tenant usually is the sole responsible party for the expenses associated with the use of the building as per the NN lease. These include things like taxation on property and insurance. During a NNN lease, the tenant assumes responsibility for all the expenses of running the building, including repairs to the structure and maintenance. Property maintenance falls solely on the shoulders of the tenant.

Returns on Investment/Distributable Cash Flow

The investment in industrial real estate in Saint John yields higher net returns and more distributable cash flow because of the combination of predictable, increasing, and stable cash flows, together with the tenant’s assumption of most (but certainly not all) expenses related to running and maintaining the property. The preferred annual returns between 8 and 10% are unusual, while total annual returns of 15% or more are not uncommon either.


One of numerous advantages of investing in industrial property is the potential for expansion in the future and diversification. Investing in a commercial real estate brokerage company might lessen your overall risk exposure due to its distinct characteristics. You can create a substantial fund of investments by investing in many solid industrial properties across various sectors and regions of the country.

Tax Advantages

If we were to discuss the benefits of investing in industrial real estate, it is necessary to include tax benefits in the future. Real estate is a tax-advantaged asset that is accessible to everyone. The industrial real estate market is no different. Asset depreciation applies to any industrial real estate that is owned by a company commercially. For industrial and commercial properties, depreciable assets could provide substantial tax advantages. Depreciation is a cash expense, so it is important to track it. There’s a paper loss in the process of paying taxes, but this does not influence the business’s cash flow. In certain instances, the paper loss can be used to decrease tax-deductible gains from selling other assets.

Capital gains can be realized when an investment is held for a long time. When an asset is sold, the profits are taxed at long-term capital gains rates rather than the higher rates for short-term capital gains or on income earned. The new long-term 0% capital gain tax rate established by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in 2017 is especially beneficial to smaller investors.


With its steady cash flow, more yields, lesser maintenance requirements, long-term tenants, and unique tax benefits, industrial real estate is an asset that every investor must consider seriously when evaluating their portfolio.