IEEE SENSORS 2018 Exhibitors

NTHU Micro Sensors and Actuators Technology Consortium, μSAT

In recent years, driven by consumer electronics, micro-sensors and actuators have been highly valued by industry, academia and research, and have invested a large amount of capital and manpower to develop related technologies. Taiwan provides a good development foundation and growth momentum for the micro-electromechanical industry with its excellent semiconductor industry environment, and micro-sensors and actuators are also considered to be key technologies for expanding the semiconductor industry in Taiwan. Because MEMS and components have the characteristics of diversification of machine, electricity, heat, light, and biomedical functions, they also bring many new challenges to traditional semiconductor manufacturing, packaging, and testing technologies. Therefore, the National Tsinghua University, under the support of the industry and the “ Technology Department” related program, led the “Micro Sensors and Actuators Technology Consortium (uSAT)” to integrate schools and The resources and experience of the National Laboratory help the industry to solve related technical problems, provide equipment support, technology transfer, and talent cultivation to enhance the technical level and international competitiveness of China's micro-sensors and actuators.

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Plasma Therm

Plasma-Therm is a U.S. manufacturer of advanced plasma-processing equipment, providing etch, deposition, and plasma dicing technologies used in semiconductor packaging, solid-state lighting, power, data storage, renewable energy, MEMS, nanotechnology, photonics, and wireless communication markets. Plasma-Therm's global sales and service network supports over 600 commercial, academic, and governmental customers.

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