Conference Tracks


Track 1: Sensor Phenomenology, Modeling and Evaluation
Track 2: Sensor Materials, Processing and Fabrication (including Printing)
Track 3: Chemical, Electrochemical and Gas Sensors
Track 4: Microfluidics and Biosensors
Track 5: Optical Sensors
Track 6: Physical Sensors - Temperature, Mechanical, Magnetic and Others
Track 7: Acoustic and Ultrasonic Sensors
Track 8: Sensor Packaging (including on Flexible Materials)
Track 9: Sensor Networks (including IoT and related areas)
Track 10: Sensor Applications
Track 11: Sensor Systems: Signals, Processing and Interfaces
Track 12: Actuators and Sensor Power Systems
Track 13: Demos
Track 14: Sensors in Industrial Practices (only for industry i.e. first author from industry)